Letter to Members and Parents

Dear Parents and Athletes

Thank you very much for renewing your membership for this year. As you know, we are a small athletics club entirely run and coached by volunteers. We would like to ensure that all athletes are able to fulfil their potential and lead an active lifestyle and we hope that you all enjoy the opportunity to compete.

We would like to use this communication to inform and remind you all (including our younger athletes) of the following:

· All of us in our day to day lives are in some way responsible for aspects of health and safety. In this respect, we ask that if you see anything that worries you, appears to be hazardous or in need of maintenance around the club house or track, to inform one of the coaches or volunteers as soon as possible, and if you can help to rectify the problem that would be much appreciated.

· A fully stocked First Aid kit is available in the clubhouse in the cupboard to the left of the main entrance. This is now signposted and can be accessed by anyone. Any accident/incident must be reported and athletes (or other injured party) are asked not to leave the premises without first informing their coach of an injury/accident. It is very important that all athletes seek help if they are injured in anyway.  Likewise, if an accident is witnessed, then it must be reported and all athletes regardless of their age should be able to summon assistance. If needed, the nearest defibrillator is at Charlton Lakes café/play area.

· All Under 17 athletes are required, under UKA regulations, to be supervised for all aspects of their coaching.  Whilst Under 11’s have designated breaks within the clubhouse where they can access the facilities, such as the changing rooms and taps to refill water bottles; this is not the case for Under 13’s and above.  Any athlete wishing to excuse themselves from a training session to return to the clubhouse must inform their coach before doing so.  They will then be required to cross the service road and enter and return from the clubhouse without supervision.  NO Under 17 athlete is to use any gym equipment, or use any of the facilities as gym equipment, without direct supervision from a coach. NO under 17 athlete can leave a session early without informing their coach first.

· Please respect our facilities and keep them clean and tidy. Bins are provided throughout the clubhouse. If you are disposing anything sharp, such as glass or twisted metal drinks cans please inform a coach/volunteer so that we can change the bin liners safely.

If you are concerned about any of the above, please discuss with your coach or a committee member. 

Whilst we have your attention we would also like to ask for some assistance. We are aware that at times the clubhouse can look a little tired and in need of a good clean. This is because it is generally done by a small group of volunteers – namely the coaches themselves and after a few cold and wet nights outside they understandably don’t always find the time. If you are able to assist us with a bit of spring cleaning, or basic maintenance we have a list of jobs that always need doing. For instance, taps need fixing and door locks and toilet roll holders refitted. If you can lend us some of your time, please let us know.

We usually host Wessex and SAL meetings at some point in the summer season. This is always an exciting time for us as the turnout of athletes is always at its highest and we see so many personal bests being achieved. We enjoy hosting such events, but they don’t happen by magic! Tuckshops don’t stock or run themselves, hurdles don’t set themselves up, and tents aren’t pitched by wands! Please, please can you lend a hand, even for a short time or perhaps bake a cake or two?

We thank you for taking the time to read this. Please come and talk to us if you wish to volunteer some of your time or have any questions or concerns.

Best of luck for the season!

Kind Regards

Andover Athletics Club Committee 


AAC Letter to members & parents (doc)


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